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Integra LifeSciences, a world leader in medical technology, is dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons, so they can concentrate on providing the best patient care. Integra offers innovative solutions in orthopedic extremity surgery, neurosurgery, and reconstructive and general surgery.

Total Surgical Solutions

Access– Integra can equip your facility for both open and minimally invasive surgery.

Illuminate– Premium LED and xenon lighting solutions from Integra provide optimal visualization, which supports better surgical outcomes.

Operate– From neurosurgery to podiatric procedures, the Integra enterprise has the surgical tools you need.

General and Specialty Instrumentation for Open and Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Limit uncertainty by protecting your instrument investment

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Illumination Solutions.
Maximum light to visualize critical anatomy.

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Neurosurgery and Spine Instrumentation

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 The MicroFrance® brand is a premier line of ENT instruments known for exceptional quality, precision, and durability. 

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Table Mounted Retractors -Limit Uncertainty with modernized Ring Retraction and uncompromised exposure.

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Integra Instrument Management Services Consultation and Tracking Software

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